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Join IYNAUS, our national association and choose IYACSR as your regional association. The membership fee is $70 annually. If you are already a member, and wish to join IYACSR as a 2nd region, the fee is $30; an additional $30 is required to subscribe to Yoga Rahasya.

When you join IYACSR you will receive the following:

- Automatic membership in IYNAUS

- Automatic subscription to The Light published by IYNAUS

- Automatic subscription to Yoga Samachar published by IYNAUS

- Four Free4Members workshops per year

Endowment opportunities for further study

​- The latest IYACSR news, such as upcoming Iyengar yoga events and newsletters

- Local Iyengar yoga Centers and CIYTs can link their class, workshop, or special event schedules on our events page. 

- Optional subscription for $30 to Yoga Rahasya, a quarterly publication of the Ramamani Iyengar Memorial Yoga Institute (RIMYI) in Pune, India.

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